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Wouter & Jasminka


Photos and personal reports of our journey to Central Asia, where we encountered yurts, kumys, wild landscapes, ancient Silk Route cities, and lots of taxi drivers.

Kyrgyzstan 2003

We have a passion for climbing. Here you will find both photos of our short rock climbing trips in the Alps and reports of Wouter’s Himalaya expeditions in Nepal and Pakistan.

Kyrgyzstan 2003
Ski touring

This part shows photos from our ski tours in the Alps. Your can also view photos and reports of Wouters ski touring experiences in Turkey (Akdag, Ala Dag, Kaškar).


A selection of our most beautiful landscape photos (anything from silent, majestical mountain sceneries to cherry-pink sunsets).

Kyrgyzstan 2003

Photos and stories of Jasminkaĺs woolly-haired horses Alvara and Y°rrp, who live in a small landscape conservation area and provide lots of joy and pleasure (and occasional headaches).

Kyrgyzstan 2003
Overview of photo galleries

Here you find, in chronological order, all photo galleries found on kumys.net. Check this page to easily discover if recently any new photos have been added.